Cross Training…

Whilst I have been busily experimenting with varying the amounts of cinnamon and vanilla needed to produce a better French Toast, Sue has been off doing something healthy!  Today is day 3 of the inaugural Pedal The Plains bike tour in Colorado.  About 170 miles in length, and with just under 2000′ in elevation changes, I suspect her endeavour is, perhaps, mildly more beneficial than my maple syrup topped concoctions.

Of course, you know what THIS means… my humble Jamis Explorer is undoubtedly going to have to be outfitted with SPD pedals, and I’ll have to get (GASP) proper biking shoes in order to even ATTEMPT to keep up with her on our future rides.  And ride we will… Sue has been a true wonder when it came to both rekindling and adapting to my sailing lifestyle, so I can do no less for her and biking.  And I suspect there will be a lot more biking in our future… which I sincerely welcome.

But, by God, I will NOT wear Spandex bikie clothing… I’d be an embarrassment to mankind and cetaceans alike if I did!

CLICK HERE FOR THE Pedal The Plains ride timeline

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