The MosquitoMagnet has Landed!

At 3:25 PM on the 29th of March, 2012, MosquitoMagnet landed on the sand just east of the Ft. Desoto boat ramp, thus completing his 26 day, 1200 miles Ultimate Florida Challenge.  And what a Challenge it was… the toughest one to date, with adverse weather for much of the trek, especially the first week.

MosquitoMagnet completed his Challenge as a pure kayaker… no sail at all.  He used a greenland-style boat designed by Nigel Foster and a greenland paddle which, I believe, he carved himself.

The picture below shows the strain of completing a Challenge such as this:

MosquitoMagnet moments after finishing the 1200 mile Ultimate Florida Challenge

Imagine, if you can, how it would feel to travel 1200 miles in a kayak, including pulling it over 40 miles in one long, hot, and dry portage across desolate logging roads after paddling as far up the St. Mary’s River as possible.

Imagine, if you can, the desolation of the Everglades, paddling day and night into 25 to 35 knot winds, waves, and not one sign of civilization at all.

Imagine, if you can, just SITTING in a kayak for a month.

I’d say he looks pretty good!

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