…And Three Remain (UPDATED)

The 2012 Ultimate Florida Challenge will long be remembered as an event far greater than the sum of its parts…. it is, and will be, an epic in the annals of WaterTribe AND expedition events.  And right now, 24 days after the start, 3 kayakers are still on the course, making time, and heading to the home stretch.

MosquitoMagnet is on Cedar Key.  He now has to choose either the direct route to Ft. Desoto, which will take him miles offshore, but save him miles to travel, or to follow the coast, staying in sight of land, but adding time, distance, and wear to his equipment and himself.  After the confines of the Suwannee River, the openness of the Gulf can be either welcoming or intimidating… you have to hope that, once you decide which route to take, your opinion of the Gulf doesn’t change.

Whale and riverslayer have approximately 30 miles to go before they reach the mouth of the Suwannee and make the trek to Cedar Key, where they will then face the same options that MosquitoMagnet is likely making as I type this.

Think for a moment… 1200 miles in a kayak.  Alone.

This is epic, and even though we didn’t compete this year, running CP-2 and seeing the Challengers arrive and depart really did make me feel that I was, in a small way, part of WaterTribe history as part of one of the greatest Challenges ever fought.


MosquitoMagnet is now about 8 miles ESE of Cedar Key, heading east by southeast, thus neatly bisecting the bay, and his choice of route, right down the middle.  An excellent choice.

Whale and riverslayer have left the Suwannee delta and are not about 10 miles NNW of Cedar Key and on their way to what I expect will be a well deserved hot meal.  Awesome job, guys.  Awesome.

The WaterTribe tracking page: http://www.watertribe.com/Events/ChallengeMapper.aspx

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