The Ultimate Florida Challenge: Updates and information

SandyBottom and SOS, the mother-and-son team competing on the gorgeous trimaran SOS built, are currently in the lead, having completed their portage, and are now paddling down the Suwannee River.  They are utilizing the boat switch rule, which allows sailors to use a kayak or canoe for the river/portage portion.  Originally, they had planned to use the tri for the whole trip, but water levels caused them to change plans.  Here’s the latest tracking data from their SPOT:

Tracking Point Position: 30.35397 -82.68408 Time: 3/21/2012 4:34 AM Distance: 0.62 nm Duration: 0.17 hours Speed: 3.67 knots

In second place is Mosquito Magnet, paddling a NFD Silhouette.  He has just about reached the beginning of the 40 mile land portage.  His SPOT data follows:

Tracking Point Position: 30.57382 -82.00757 Time: 3/20/2012 10:44 PM Distance: 0.11 nm Duration: 0.17 hours Speed: 0.64 knots

Following behind, but well up the St. Mary’s River, are Whale and riverslayer, who appear, by the tracking map, to have found a campground at which to spend the night.  Here is their SPOT data:

Tracking Point Position: 30.78394 -81.97 Time: 3/20/2012 11:17 PM Distance: 0 nm Duration: 0.17 hours Speed: 0.02 knots
OK Button Pushed Position: 30.78398 -81.97003 Time: 3/20/2012 9:58 PM Distance: 0 nm Duration: 0.06 hours Speed: 0.06 knots

Warren Richey, AKA Sharkchow, has written up a great synopsis of the event so far, and it can be read here:

The WaterTribe interactive tracking map can be found at:

Sharkchow’s awesome book, “Without A Paddle”, can be found at Amazon, and it’s a great read  My review of it can be found here:

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