Checkpoint Choko – Pre Wrap-up Wrap-up!

After a wild and wooly 5 days at CP2, I am now home in Tampa, rediscovering what REM sleep is!  I have been out of touch since the moment I left Chokoloskee, headed for Placida to drop JollyRoger off at his truck/trailer, so that he can retrieve his damaged Underdog, to be repaired and raced another day.  Pelican made it to CP2 and left, but has apparently returned with boat issues.  If needed, I will go to CP2 on the way to the awards ceremony on Saturday.

There are so many stories to tell, I don’t even know where to begin.  I saw bravery, good cheer, and humor in all those who made it to CP2 in some of the most adverse conditions ever experienced in a Challenge.  I learned as much or more from talking and listening to my fellow Tribers than I did last year during our attempt, and I feel both more prepared and closer to my Tribe than ever before.

And I have true compassion for all who are out there…. if I am feeling the effects of a lack of sleep, you all must be REALLY getting pounded by it!

More to come, but I must prepare for the trip to the Keys!

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