Overnight Events at CP-2…

SewSew arrived safely at CP-2 at 8:58 PM, after a voyage of considerable, er, interest.  Randy had halyard and roller furling issues, and managed to find the biggest seas so far in the Challenge, while at the same time running out of wind AND having his SPOT shut off so we could all fret over his circumstances.  And all this after having to repair an ama that had broken in HALF during the first leg!  I’d elaborate on the details, but Randy tells it far to well for me to reinterpret.  He was, of course and as alway, in a great mood… he effected repairs and was off again in a matter of hours!

Ridgerunner and GreyBeard arrived at 09:43PM, pretty much looking like they’d been out for a nice daysail.  They chatted with us briefly (PaddleDancer is here at the moment), signed the logbook, and got back in their boat, whereupon they cooked a quick meal, caught the tide, and sailed on into the night.

It’s a little after 8:00 AM now, and after a few days of almost no traffic, the Official WaterTribe mapper at http://www.watertribe.com/Events/ChallengeMapper.aspx shows the beginnings of a flotilla about to arrive… I think I’ll put on some coffee, and then head on down to the beach!

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