The Last Thing We Ever Wanted To Do…

With great reluctance, and after an incredible amount of soul searching, balancing of logic, reason, and emotion, and in keeping with our constant attempts to either do things properly, or wait until we can,Susan and I have come to an incredibly difficult decision.  We are going to have to withdraw our entry into the 2012 Everglades Challenge.  We have had a very busy year, and we haven’t been able to devote sufficient time into improving Clarity for the race.  More importantly, we haven’t had the time to prepare OURSELVES for the challenge properly.  Additionally, and most importantly, we want to be there for our son as he begins to mature into a fine young man.  That particular voyage is a challenge both more difficult and more rewarding than our Challenge, and being there for him benefits all three of us in ways we continually discover and cherish.

Still, this sucks.

However… we are NOT going to not be involved.  I have already let Chief (head of the WaterTribe) know that we will be available to volunteer in any way needed.  Be it at the start, finish, or any checkpoint in between, we want to help.  We’ll still be around, and this will give us the time to get everything else done that we need to do in order to participate in 2013, and to do it in the way that we want to, both physically, and with Clarity set up for what we hope will be a very successful run.  And yes, we have some innovative ideas for Clarity, ourselves, and the way we do the Challenge next time!

I’ve had too much to do lately to begin my retrospective writings about our first attempt, but I will be doing so, as we learned enough that I’d feel I was cheating other potential entries if I didn’t share our trials, tribulations, and triumphs.  Yes, in 2011 we retired at CP1, but we consider even getting that far to be a triumph (we also consider withdrawing to be a triumph of logic over feelings, and a real personal achievement… even though it also sucked).

We’ll be looking forward to helping others achieve their goal getting their boats and selves prepared, of being at the starting line, and, hopefully, finishing safely.  This is a beginning, not an ending, and as painful as it may be to have to do it this way, we firmly believe that all three of us will be the better for it.

More to come…!

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