New Trampolines…

One thing Clarity is going to need is new trampolines, as the old vinyl coated ones are beginning to look pretty rough.  After much investigating, it turns out that the material most commonly used for multihull trampolines is, well, trampoline material!  Apparently, it sews easily too.  I’ve seen numerous replacement trampolines on Sailbirds, but most peole seem to go the simplest route, lacing the whole thing with line strung through grommets and eyes.  The original tramps were sleeved to go over the crosstubes, and I’d sure like to do it that way again.  There were no adjustments, so I suspect that the tramps were slipped onto the akas before installation.  What I’m most likely to do is have the sleeves wrap around the aka tubes, and then be laced to the undersize of the tramp.  I also want to investigate some sort of grooved aluminum channel for either ama, vaka, or both, as an attachment method using a rope edge, but we will see.  If I do this on one hull and lace the other, that should provide tension enough to keep the tramp taut.  I like the idea of the sleeves and rope groove installation for 3 reasons:  looks shipshape, provides the most area for sleeping during events like the Everglades Challenge, and helps stop stuff from escaping the confines of the deck!

Now all we have to do is pick the color…..

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