Clarity Sailing Adventures is moving…

Literally!  In order to get work, school, and home all within reasonable distances of each other, we are moving to Tampa.  Of course, we have chosen a home conveniently without any form of shop, garage, or decent work area, so I’ll be hunting up a shop to rent (gulp!).  To be fair, it would have been unlikely to find a house in the city with a garage large enough to set up shop in, that would be as close as we want to be to everything.  None of us will have a trip longer than 8 miles, which will dramatically cut down on our combusting of dead dinosaurs, not to mention the combustion of cash required to BUY those dinos!

It’s going to be a busy 3 weeks, with the moving, new school enrollment, and Sue’s commitment to furthering her education (starting with algebra and continuing to an advanced degree in her field of nursing).  I’m absorbing a few polynomials along the way, and occasionally get to help with some geometry, but to be honest, I think she knows more than I do!

We’ll keep posting… and soon, we’ll actually be posting about Clarity, and the improvements being made for the 2012 Everglades Challenge.

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2 Responses to Clarity Sailing Adventures is moving…

  1. Chet Simonetti says:

    Need to know if you have a physical address? heading to St.Pete next month For vacation.Promise I am not hostile!!!

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