Grand Opening at Go2Outfitters!

It was a hot, sunny, and then very rainy day at the grand opening of Gary and Sally’s new location for Go2Outfitters, which did diminish attendance a little.  But it was a great time, and we had everything from Boy Scouts selling hot dogs, to baked goods, model trains, kayaks, guides, polka music, and even Clarity, set up in the parking lot.  I’ve included pictures of the event so you can get a bit of an idea what Go2Outfitters carries, along with some pictures of the parking lot, and Aidric’s Sail, which we had flying the whole day.

Please note that the powerlines visible in the pictures are over 60 feet away from Clarity’s mast, even though they appear much closer.

Clarity, flying Aidric's Sail

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Yep... that would be rain...

And thus endeth the day!

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  1. Mike says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the post… feel free to leave comments too!

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