From Father To Son…

I have returned from South Carolina, and I have brought back the tools and shop equipment left to me by my dad, along with the rest of his unfinished knives and knife parts.  Currently, all the items are in storage, but I will be looking to either rent a shop space, or move to a home with a suitable garage or outbuilding, where I can set up the equipment for use.  This will make maintaining and modifying Clarity much easier, and it will also allow me to continue my father’s work as a cutler and custom bladesmith.  This really is life come full circle, as he originally got the idea to make knives when he picked up a copy of Blade Magazine lying around MY house back in the early 90’s!  He had the capital at the time to invest in equipment (I was simply going to assemble a few kit knives) and he basically went all out, learning how to make wonderful knives, along with sharpening knives for dozens of chefs and restaurants in and around Ft. Myers.

My biggest regret was simply being too busy with my life to really and truly appreciate what he was doing in his shop.  I never totally knew how skillful he was until I was cleaning out and packing up the stuff, and I was able to see his genius at each level of construction of a knife, along with his design of custom tooling and benches.  I hope I can honor his skill with my own, but I have a lot to learn.  In the meantime, I have to figure out how to get Harry Chapin’s’ “Cats In The Cradle” out of my head!


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