One More Trip…

I have one last trip to make up to South Carolina.  It will be a melancholy one, knowing my father won’t be there to greet me, but Cathy and the hounds will, which makes it easier.

The reason for the trip is to collect the things my dad left me, which would be his entire shop setup.  With this setup, he made hundreds of knives.  Far more valuable to me than to anybody else, it’s not just the tools, but all the custom stands and benches he built, that will remind me of him.  Growing up with dad, and using tools with him from a very early age (probably a felony now in this P.C./D.C.F. era), all the little touches he made connect to spots in my brain, whereas someone else might not get it.

I don’t even have a shop to set this stuff up in, but, in order to maintain dad’s legacy, I have to keep it all.  And we are talking a 20′ trailerload…  so, as you can see, Clarity Sailing Adventures will be looking for a new home soon.  A place where the shop can be reassembled, boats can be worked on, and, most important of all, I can continue Dad’s legacy.

For you see, there are almost 100 unfinished knives to be done, passed down from father to son.  And, since the idea that started my dad down the cutler’s path germinated after he saw a copy of Blade Magazine at my house way back when, everything will come full circle when I finish those blades.

Thanks, Dad… and we’ll see if I get to know the local E.R. personnel as well as you did!!

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