Sailbirds On Youtube!

I’m posting two links to two YouTube channels today – both channels are from people on the Yahoo Sailbird Forum located at .

The first link, , belongs to Yahoo member Ron (cudjoeron21), who has posted almost 60 videos of his highly modified and improved Sailbird Woof.  Ron has offered much advice both to me and the group, and even on the occasions that I didn’t exactly FOLLOW said advice, getting it was sure appreciated!

The second link, , belongs to Gil (onehandsailor), who has a gorgeous red Sailbird, and 7 videos to date.  Gil has offered fantastic advice to me as well,  and has been very informative (as has Ron) in their posts on the yahoo group.

It’s people like this who make it enjoyable for those with little experience to purchase an old used boat and have a ball with it!  Sue and I will be adding videos soon, and we hope they are as nice as the ones these two guys have posted.

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