Welcome to our ridiculously delayed third product review… I’ll be reviewing this item solo.  We hope you find these reviews helpful!

Product description :  The manufacturer’s website proclaimsZiploc® Brand Big Bags are the biggest, strongest, and most versatile Ziploc® Brand Bags ever!  Ziploc® Brand Big Bags are heavy-duty plastic bags that come with reinforced handles, making them convenient for carrying items in and out of the house. And with their pleated bottom and secure Ziploc® Brand seal, they are perfect for storing even the bulkiest items while helping to protect from moisture, dust, and pests.

Mike Says:

One of the requirements for participating in a WaterTribe Challenge is that you have secure, dry storage for your stuff.  Dry bags, sealed lockers with (supposedly) watertight lids, and watertight hatches are all ways to keep the water away from your wearables, food, and emergency supplies.  A smart sailor will have at least two barriers between the sea and the soluble stuff.

Most of the time, we had our stash stashed in drybags that were then stored in the fore and aft compartments I had built into the boat.  The drybags were additional protection in case of hull damage or leaky hatches (they did leak when submerged, partially a design fault and partially due to the bulkheads I installed not being 1000% plumb, and will be reviewed separately later).

During the late rush to prepare, I spotted these ginormous Ziploc bags at the grocery store (where we ALL buy our marine gear…) and bought a box.  When opened they looked pretty sturdy so we packed some of our duplicate gear into them, along with, for some odd reason, all of our waterproof charts, and headed off to Ft. Desoto.

About an hour after launching, I asked Sue for the chart bag and, to our surprise, we found if full of water.  Granted, it was on the cockpit floor, and we had taken on a lot of spray, but we had kept a hand on the pump (thanks Sue) and it wasn’t submerged often or for long.  Yet it had almost A GALLON OF THE GULF in it!  You may insert a copious amount of sailor/trucker language here, as I had simultaneously realized two things. One, the bags were not waterproof AT ALL (I actually think they might MANUFACTURE water inside themselves), and, in what became a bigger disaster than our grounding, leak, and broken daggerboard COMBINED, was that our coffee was in one of these infernal bags!  Of course, the coffee was in our food daybag, in the front of the cockpit, and it was soaked.  One pound of freshly ground, untouched coffee from A Cup Of Organic, totally and completely ruined.  A third bag contained our 2 GPS units, EPIRB, and VHF, all of which are theoretically waterproof, but we took them out, figuring they’d have a better chance at survival getting repeatedly soaked from waves and spray than concealed in one of those (more salty language here) Ziplocs.  Three more of these giant albatrosses were located within drybags, holding changes of clothing, and they did manage to stay dry, but I didn’t even trust those for the rest of the trip.  All in all, for boating use, these bags are an EPIC FAILURE.  They might be good for storing stuff in the closet at home, but that’s it.


Manufacturers Website:

MSRP: $8.96

Purchased From:  Winn Dixie Grocery Store (for about $6.50)

Rating  Mike: F– (for marine use)

Value Mike: F– (ditto)

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  1. Mom says:

    Pretty tough review, especially since they didn’t say they were waterproof! Ziplocs are great for many things but I agree they are a poor choice for keeping things dry in a boat.

  2. Mike says:

    To be fair, I did specify that my review was based on a marine application. I just wanted to be sure to save anyone else the hassle!! I would have no issue using them for home storage, although they should probably micro-texture the surface a bit, so that if you stack linens or other items that have been individually bagged, they don’t slide all over the place.

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