This One Is For The Kids…

For the past three years, Justin has been playing inline hockey at Sportszone 2 in New Port Richey, and it has been great to watch his hockey skills develop, along with his social, competetive, and sportsmanship abilities.  Rob and Marcy Gallahan, along with a host of others have made this place a great spot for kids, teens, and adults to go to for sports and comeraderie.

Things change, however, and one of those things was an issue with the owners of the building.  They attempted to lease it to another entity for a higher price, an attempt which, although ultimately a failure, put too much of a strain on the Gallahans ownership of the business.  They poured their hearts and souls into it, but this was just too much.

Fortunately for everyone, Matt Garry, who has been involved with inline hockey locally for a long time, was able to step in and broker both a lease deal with the landlords, and an ownership of assets change with the Gallahans.  This means that the facility will remain open, under the new name of All Sports Arena.  With the decline of PE in schools, athleticism is doubly important, and people can get all you want AND THEN SOME at All Sports Arena.

All Sports Arena will be offering summer camps for kids, and is also looking for advertisers/sponsors.  If interested, please use the contact information below, or contact me.  It’s all for the kids…. after all, they are going to have to take care of all of US one day, so let’s set a good precedent!

7716 Rutillio Court New Port Richey, FL 34653

Matthew Garry – Owner

(727)845-7808 – Office (727)809-0775 – Cell

 Below are .pdf’s for the Kid’s Summer Camp and for Sponsorship Opportunities

All Sports Camp Flyer[1]All Sports Arena Advertising Flyer[1]

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