This is our first product review of the items and gear we used during the 2011 Everglades Challenge.  We hope you find it and the ones that follow to be useful and informative! (pictures added 28 March 2011 – forgot ’em last night!)

Product: PRO BAR-Art’s Original  (along with 7 other flavors)

Product description:

PRO BARS are an all-organic, vegan meal substitute bar with 15 whole foods, 70% of which are raw, AND 100% are non-GMO (genetically modified organism).  Full information can be found at

Mike Says:

We bought about a dozen of these bars to bring with us as meal supplements on the Everglades Challenge.  As it turned out, these bars, along with apple slices and peanut butter, comprised the majority of our meals.  They taste incredible, just like you were eating each ingredient fresh from the tree or bush it grew on.  The nutritional content provides a perfectly balanced load, the bars are compact, and, importantly for an event like the E.C., they are a relatively low-residue food.  I’d recommend spending some time on the manufacturer’s website, gathering information about the bars, the nutritional content, and the philosophy behind the healthy products they make.

Sue Says:

The bars supplied us with hours’ worth of essential nutrients and energy for long hours of sailing on some very rough waters. Easy to eat and store on the move. Also, these bars are an excellent choice for  breakfast, lunch or dinner for either the elite athlete or the kids. The bars come in a wide variety of flavors; Koka Moca and Nutty Banana Boom were two of my favorites. These bars are going to be a staple for any of our outdoor adventures or expeditions from now on.

Product name: Art’s Original PRO BAR

Manufacturers Website:

MSRP: $3.29

Purchased From:

Rating Mike/Sue: A+/A

Value Mike/Sue: A/A+

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