Changes In The Works…

I’ve been thinking that, although the daggerboard gave us excellent windward ability &
lift, along with very little turbulence, we may well convert her back to a
centerboard. If we do, it will either be a Finn-style* semicircular trailing
edged board, so as to have minimal slot drag, or a Sailbird aluminum board, if I
can locate one. Since I’ve already sealed the old opening, it will be a simple
matter to make a new, narrower opening more tolerant of the width of the board.
We are definitely going to install a cockpit sole that will be above the
waterline, and keep our heavy stores in the middle of the boat. After all,
watching the vaka bow smoothly glide under water numerous times in the big seas
off of Gasparilla Island was a bit disconcerting, so I’d like nothing other than
our anchor, light clothing, and one of our closed cell foam sleeping pads to be
located forward of the front aka (we keep a sleeping pad in each underdeck
compartment to act as flotation in case the hatches leak). Behind the rear aka
will reside sleeping bags and the other pad.

I’m also going to change the rudder… I want positive up and down control of
the foil. And, I want a foil as opposed to a flat plate.

We will be doing the EC again next year, and I think we learned enough this time
to have it right, and we should, barring something crazy, make it to the finish.
After that… who know? But Clarity is destined to voyage, not just daysail, so
whatever we do, it’ll be interesting!

* A Finn is an Olympic Class dinghy designed by Rickard Sarby in 1949 for the 1952 Helsinki Olympics, and it is in use to this day.  It is heavier and faster than a Laser dinghy, and is almost an exercise in masochism to sail fast.  If you like spending your afternoons stretched out on a medeival torture rack in the pouring rain while someone clubs you about the noggin with a sailboat boom, a Finn might be for you!

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3 Responses to Changes In The Works…

  1. Jim Connell says:

    Mike, I have an original centerboard and pivot plate witht the mountng bar if you want it.

    Jim – Sundance

  2. Mike says:

    Do I ever!!! I’ll email you and we can work out the details. Thanks!

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