Where Do We Go From Here…

As our attempt at the 2011 Everglades Challenge ended at the first checkpoint (humorously, although we reached speeds of 11.5 knots, it took us almost three days to get there!) with a slightly leaky, 39 year old trimaran and two weary sailors, one could get rather curious as to what we are going to do next.  Well, what we are going to do is take all the lessons learned from our first entry, and apply them to next year!

That’s right… Clarity will be 40 next year (!), and there could be no better way to celebrate her entry into her 4th decade than to arrive at Key Largo after completing the course.  In the next few days, our plan will be discussed, along with our continuing work with Aidric Hunt’s family and autism in general.

In the meantime, as the Challenge is far more physically demanding than I had imagined, even in a sailboat (blow-boat to those kayakers out there) I’ve got more work getting ME in shape than getting Clarity ready for next year!

Stay tuned, as we have only begun to understand and share the truest meanings of Clarity…

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