Late Night Thoughts…

As I sit here comfortably warm and dry, my thoughts go towards my newly found tribe, and especially to those still out on the water.  As the sun rises in the morning, the sixth day of the 2011 Everglades Challenge begins, and many Watertribe warriors are out there, covered in seawater, dew, and the sheen of herculean effort.  I know what our three days took out of me, and my mind won’t begin to allow me to extrapolate the numbing reality of what has had to have been given by my brethren still on the water.  I haven’t even met most of them, but they are my family, and I want them to be safe.

I’m not yet sure how I feel about dropping out, even though I know it was the safe and prudent thing to do, especially as my crew was my wife, and she has two children, one 30 and one 11, who love and need her.  Was the risk of continuing too great?  Yes.  We had a small leak, but if the leak increased, we could not have stayed ahead of it, and plugging it would have been very difficult.

Still… it’s going to take a long time for me to really decide how I feel about retiring from the race while some of my adopted tribal family was still on the water.  A long time indeed.  I’m not yet even sure if I feel that I let myself or my tribe down in some way.

I probably won’t know for sure how I feel about dropping out until I finish.  In the meantime, finish the race for me, fellow warriors.  And for yourselves.

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