Work This Week…

It’s been a busy week, both with Clarity and with other things, but we’ve gotten more done.  After milling the inner hinge fittings, I decided to replace the outer aka tubes with the rest of the SCH 40 tubing.  We cut them to length, and used the giant lathe to trim and even the ends.  After cutting and trimming, it looks like I’ve reduced the overall beam of the boat by about 1/4″… not too bad, especially since now we have all-new tubes.  We did gain about 8 pounds, but if we don’t put the plywood wing deck back on, it’ll be a wash, weight-wise.

I also cut the hole in the forward bulkhead that the hatch will fit into (thus removing 75% of the glass I laid up!), and cut the aluminum angles that will back and reinforce the hatch opening from the inside.  Hi tech composite construction, indeed!

Justin and I epoxied the two daggerboard trunk halves together, and, in the process, Justin discovered that resin does indeed get hot when it sets up in the mix cup (no spills or damage, just a surprised look as I handed him the cup I had been holding).

Tomorrow I’ll glass in the front bulkhead, finish the daggerboard trunk, and celebrate Justin’s 11th Birthday!  I will also try to post some pictures…

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