A Busy Weekend…

Progress continues at our secret, high-tech (we have indoor plumbing) nautical experimentation facility… weather notwithstanding, the mast extension has been installed, mast hound relocated and a bail for the reacher halyard mounted, the cleats labeled for each halyard, and all shrouds checked for integrity.  The inspection ports on the amas are installed, and, perhaps most importantly, the belt sander and I have machined off enough Almag alloy from the inner hinge castings to allow them to slide into the thicker (and, unfortunately heavier) center aka tubes.  By the end of the weekend, the bulkheads and daggerboard trunk should be installed, the akas should be assembled, and we might even have the amas put back on.  There are currently bits scattered all over, but it’s a-comin’ together!  Pictures will be posted later today.

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