Weekend work…

Things have continued apace here at the Clarity Sailing Adventures workshop (dusty former lawn just west of the driveway), which means that some things went faster and some things went slower than planned.  The daggerboard is wearing a nice comfortable epoxy coat, and the two halves of the daggerboard trunk have been molded.

This was a bit frustrating, as my initially chosen layup schedule may be a bit thin, so there may be some sanding and glassing.  We will see after the trunk is assembled.  More frustrating was the fact that my release film (yep… a plastic dropcloth)  was affected by the resin.  No melting, but it wrinkled a bit, so there will be some filling and sanding on the inside of the trunk pieces.  Which at least proves that doing the trunk in two halves was a good idea, since otherwise, I’d have to throw the stuff out and start over again!

More satisfying was making the front and rear bulkheads.  I spent a couple of hours on Saturday making cardboard templates for the bulkheads, and I traced the patterns onto the same hi-tech release film (this time seriously stretched out and taped to my lamination table).  The lamination went much more smoothly, and I even achieved a respectable glass to resin ratio using only a plastic body filler squeegee.  The plan is to pre-install watertight hatches into the new bulkheads, which will then be fastened to the existing plywood knees under the deck at each end of the cockpit.  A little fairing compound will give a filleted junction, which will then be glassed over with tape and probably a bit of mat, on both sides of the bulkhead.  This will give us flotation and dry storage.  YAY!!

The pictures are on Susan’s phone this time, so I’ll post them after we upload them.

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