Weekend Progress…

As hopefully shown by the pictures posted below, the weekend was a productive one.  The hull reinforcement is 90% completed, with just a little fairing around the bow and a final epoxy resin coating to seal it.  The daggerboard has been shaped, and as soon as it is epoxied, I’ll mold the daggerboard housing (in two pieces), and install it.  I’ve cut the mast extension, measured the new halyards, and figured out how to make the fore and aft bulkheads for the vaka.  I may even install a third bulkhead about 2 or 3′ back from the stem as a watertight compartment (and to stop random articles from going too far forward).  I’ve cut holes for an inspection port just aft of them stemhead, and in each ama at the chainplate locations.  Ideally, they would have been about 2′ further forward on the amas, but i decided that the difference in ama hull depth was minimal enough that I could locate them aft a bit, right by the shrouds, where tender bottoms would never sit.

The most productive part of the day was, however, the mental pictures I had of many of the systems I’ll be creating and installing.  It’s all about to start coming together quite nicely!

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