Centerboard Slot Illustrated…

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Below are the pictures I took while filling the centerboard slot.  There aren’t as many as I would have liked, but I was fighting oncoming rain, so I had to work fast.  The white strips used to block off the bottom of the slot are two vertical blinds liberated from the last remaining vertical in the house (OK Justin, I’ll hang your new blind this weekend…!), which happened to exactly match the curve of the hull, thus proving that vertical blinds are useful for SOMETHING besides rattling in the wind.  There are also no pictures yet of the plug after the blinds were removed, as I accidentally left my phone/camera at the office!  I’ll post a few tomorrow.  Also, note that the wooden plug was indeed removed before fiberglassing commenced.  The plan now is to shape a daggerboard, mold a daggerboard trunk around it, and then glass THAT trunk into the front of the existing sealed trunk, after cutting a matching hole into the repair.  I may use the back 2/3 of the wooden plug as a reinforcement in the repair, bedding it in with filler, to help spread any impact load from a grounding at speed with the daggerboard deployed.

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