Centerboard slot filled…

It seemed time for some real work to ensue, so I spent the day prepping and glassing the slot in the vaka where the centerboard used to reside.  It was plugged with what looked to be a 2×3 piece of lumber, it leaked, and it created TONS of drag.  I’ve got 3 layers of mat and 1 layer of light cloth in there from the inside, and I’ll flip the vaka and build up a little more externally.  Additionally, I’ll have to post pictures tomorrow, as I can’t seem to find my camera patch cord this evening!

And now, time to go de-glass myself!

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3 Responses to Centerboard slot filled…

  1. Jim Connell "Sundance" says:

    What are you going to use for lateral resistance? Are you planning on Leeboards?

    • Mike says:

      Jim, I’ll be using a daggerboard. After I shape the board, I’ll mold a trunk around it with flanges on top and bottom. I’ll cut a hole in the new plug and glass in the trunk.

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