Pressure Cleaning the Vaka…

Justin spent a good part of the afternoon pressure cleaning the vaka (thus watering the yard…) while I cleaned the garage and got ready to set up some work stations. One thing we can tell you for sure is that Clarity is going to definitely need to be repainted! It appears that little prep work was done to the boat before it’s previous painting, as lots of uglified gel coat has appeared. We’ll have to come up with a tough paint system that sticks well to old yucky gelcoat! We don’t ned a showroom finish, just a workboat paint job, but we’d rather the paint stick to the boat than our shorts.

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2 Responses to Pressure Cleaning the Vaka…

  1. Jim Connell says:

    I recommend Interlux Perfection for painting. I used it on mine and it’s like a new gelcoat finish. Very durable.

  2. Mike says:

    Perfection is a wonderful paint, although I may go for an industrial exterior paint depending on cost and prep. I’m not going to fair the hull and deck enough to do justice to a gelcoat quality finish, due to both time constraints and the fact that Clarity will be used in a workboat type manner (plus I don’t LIKE doing paint prep!). Sort of the same reason all of our kayaks to date are poly and not fiberglass!

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