Unintentional Hypothermia Training…

Yesterday morning, it was about 44º out, with a 35 MPH wind.

And we were short a car.


I first took Justin the 5 miles to school, which was downwind, and actually quite pleasant.  Plus, he loves showing up to school on the Concours.  The ride BACK to the house was a bit chillier!

A bit later, I rode in to work, which was again, thankfully, downwind.  Also thankfully, there was a truck at the office for me to drive home!  The nice part is now the bike is at the shop behind my office, so the leaky water pump can be replaced.

We will continue the chill training tomorrow as Justin and I go on a school field trip to Epcot, which was a balmy 27º this fine Florida morning, and predicted to be colder tomorrow.

Fortunately, we’ll be on a bus and not the bike!

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