A Moment Of Remembrance

69 years ago today, over 2400 soldiers and civilians lost their lives when the Japanese Imperial Navy attacked the United States Naval Installation at Pearl Harbor, thus somewhat accidentally ensuring that the United States enter the war.  And we did, with a righteous vengeance.

Take a moment to reflect and remember those who died for all of us that day, and for all of those who died because of the actions that brought us so swiftly into the war, on all sides, both civilian and military.

War is never pleasant, seldom well understood, and vastly more complex in its nature than many ever know, including the majority of those who plan, execute, and fight it.

One day, perhaps, we will be wise enough as a race to not fight in such brutal ways.  Until then, I will revere, remember, and honor those who chose to put their lives on the line so that the rest of us could live ours in relative peace.   If war does ever truly end, we will them remember them for getting humanity to eliminate conflict, and live peacefully. 

Thank you, and know that you are not forgotten.

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