The Aidric Hunt Assistance Fund and Clarity Sailing Adventures

As I have mentioned before, the tragic murder of Larsen Hunt, leaving her 5 year old son Aidric without a parent, is a heartbreaking tragedy. However, in the midst of tragedy, hope can appear, and with human strength and dignity, it can prevail.

Susan and I have decided that we are going to dedicate our trip to the memory of Larsen, and to the assistance of Aidric. I have been in communication with those who are setting up the non-profit organization that will help Aidric ( see for more details), and memorialize Larsen by helping mothers, especially single mothers, of children with Autism get the help they and their children need. More details will be posted after the weekend, but we want to do our best to both raise money AND awareness, both for Aidric and the memory of his mother, and for all those who find themselves in similar situations. We are going to try to get a sailmaker to donate either a spinnaker or reacher with Aidric’s website on it, and we will take it to various events, where, for a donation, people can sign the sail. After the completion of the 2011 Everglades Challenge, we will present the sail to Aidric and his family, as a memento of care from those who gave, and a reminder to him that, as life goes on, there are ALWAYS those out there who care.

More to come soon.

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