Over the weekend, and in between the rainshowers, Justin and I removed the amas from the akas and vaka. 

Justin unbolting the amas


Justin’s light weight, dexterity, and keen interest in being a part of this project is a great help, as I don’t really like getting on and off the trailer-loaded boat due to my, er, enhanced displacement… at least compared to Justin.  A quick explanation on the usage of the socket, ratchet, & hammer, and he was off to the races, happily unbolting things, while keeping an ever watchful eye open for his nemesis, the backyard wasps.  Fortunately, none were present (that Justin saw, anyway) and the job went smoothly. 

Justin hanging out on the bow


One thing we learned was that I was incorrect in my assumption that the previous owner had re-mounted the amas on the wrong sides of the vaka. This guess was due to the chainplates being mounted on the outer gunwale, instead of the inner one. If this HAD been the case, he would have had to move all the eyestraps used to lace the trampoline in place! Soooo… either the factory put the chainplates on the wrong gunwales, or the inner gunwales have been damaged thus necessitating a move. Further investigation will ensue… 

Justin hard at work and doing an excellent job


In the meantime, with Clarity discombobulated and scattered about in bits, the pace of work should increase quickly.  So long as the weather holds…!

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