Rain, rain… GO AWAY!

I think I’ve somehow been transported to Seattle.  Not just me, but my surrounding mini-universe.  We’ve had almost 12 inches of rain at my house in the past 24 days.  And I’m seriously thinking about keeping a kayak at work.  We’ve already put an old Grumman canoe by the office door.  Just in case…

Of course, this morning, the sky is clear.  Mockingly clear, as if the stratosphere is toying with me.  For I know it will stay clear until my first customer arrives at work, whereupon the key to the ancient Sellick forklift will bring forth diesel fumes, questionable mechanical vibrations, and rain worthy of Donald Sutherland in Kate Bush’s amazing “Cloudbusting” video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRHA9W-zExQ , all in a silly, cacophonous synchronicity.  My yard is threatening my roof, the roof has a leak in one of the eaves, and Clarity remains untouched.

She’s patient though… far more patient than I.  When the sky has had its fill of mocking me, and dashing my daily plans, she’ll still be there.

And, heck… she’ll have been washed out, too!

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