Sheets, sheets, and halyards too

Over the course of my sailing experiences, I’ve tried different things when it comes to cordage diameter.  Large diameter lines are easer on the hands, but they create more friction going through sheaves, blocks, and cleats.  Small line diameters are, of course, harder to hold, but run freer in block and tackle.  1/4″ line is strong enough for jib sheets and the jib halyard, and 5/16″ is fine for the main lines, but should I go larger?  Smaller lines cost less, hold less water when wet, and take up less space when coiled.

For the moment, my plan is 1/4″ for the jib lines, 5/16″ for the main lines, 3/16″ for the lazyjacks (oh, yeah… there WILL be lazyjacks on EVERY boat I own from now on), and 1/4″ for trampoline lashings and jib block leads.  Keeping in mind that the jib sheets will be a 2:1 system like on a Hobie 16 (since that’s where the blocks came from…), and that we will be wearing sailing gloves, I think we’ll be fine.

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