Quick updates for today

First off, the Multihulls Magazine article: it’ll be in the online edition, as they currently aren’t running the print edition.  Knowing the costs of publishing, this is a wise move, plus it saves a lot of resources.  And, all those folks out sailing can download their magazines and get their fix.

This being said, there IS still something nice about holding the magazine and owning it.  After all, I’ve kept some of my back issues for 30 years.  Which leads me to believe that Sue will appreciate this issue being an electronic one!

Speaking of Sue, and her Amigo, we had a small bit of luck… it was the timing belt, not the gear, that went.  It’s up and running, although the final cost came out to be 1.3 drysuits!

And speaking of drysuits, it’s likely that we are going to try a couple Lomo Tornado suits imported from England.  They aren’t imported here, but even with shipping, the price is quite low.  My best guess is that more sailing drysuits are sold in England than here, so the price is better.  Or so I hope…!

Also, my first shipment of cordage has arrived!

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