Why humans should have sailboats and not cars…

It’s always interesting to follow the cascade of events that befall others, so I’ll share one with you.  It starts last night:

  1. The battery dies on Sue’s Amigo.  At a busy restaurant.
  2. I pick her up, pull the old battery, and go across the street to the big box store, thusly acquiring a replacement.
  3. Installing the replacement as the sun goes down, I put it in backwards.
  4. The alternator catches fire, presumably to compete with the vivid sunset.
  5. We turn the battery around, the car starts, and Sue drives home safely.
  6. Sue gets the charging system checked this morning.  It’s not charging, so I have her bring it to work so the mechanic can change said alternator.
  7. She ges almost all the way there before the car dies.  We tow her in the rest of the way.
  8. The car gets it’s new alternator and runs fine, but I’ve sent Sue off with my car, so I’ll drive hers home.
  9. 5 miles from work, and the car dies, suddenly, silently, and permanently.  In the rain.  We tow it back.
  10. The serpentine belt had jumped a groove, cut a ribbon off of itself, and said steel belted ribbon proceeded to wrap itself around the crank pulley, like a boa constrictor catching it’s prey.  Preliminary checks (no compression at all in any cylinder, cams turning, no gigantamous holes in the block) indicate the timing belt has slipped.  Most likely, the ribbon of old belt put pressure on the timing cover, which squeezed the timing belt gear, and sheared off it’s woodruff key.  A cascade of events, indeed.

I’d much rather be sailing than dealing with cars these days… which is saying a lot about a gearhead like me!  So far, this ordeal has cost us 70% of a DRYSUIT (drysuits are currently my preferred unit of currency conversion, much like 12 packs of beer was in the old days when I was out playing in bands)… AAUUGH!

There… I feel a bit better now.  Apparently, blogging is good medicine!

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