Delorme PN-60

I mentioned in an earlier post that one of the requirements to compete in the Everglades Challenge was that you must carry a SPOT personal locating device.  The SPOT tracker has multiple functions… it can send a “911”/SOS message to the SPOT Central monitoring station, which, in turn, will alert emergency service providers of your location, it can send either a “help”, or “OK” message to a list of contacts you provide, and it can track you on a Google map, either by manually sending a signal, or upgrqading your monitoring package to do it automatically.  You can also buy $100,000 worth of rescue insurance for less than a buck per month (per person)!  All of which seems like a pretty smart idea, even to me, and I’m slightly prone to disliking the idea of some electric eye up in the sky watching my every move (of course, they SAY it’s a passive system…)! In that post, located at , I also mentioned the fabulous Delorme PN-60 with intergrated SPOT functionality.  This unit is the GPS/SPOT equivalent of a new iPhone, complete with internet posting capability.  It also has an iPhone level wallet-draining capability.

First generation Spot personal locator

I was able to locate a first generation SPOT locator, brand new and in-the-box, for $50.00, so it looks like we are going to be sailing our ancient Polynesian technology-inspired trimaran with mere 20th Century electronics, as opposed to 21st Century electronics.

Perhaps we’ll bank the difference and use the funds for our victory party!

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