Clarity… in life

Working together, in a synergistic fusion of man and machine, makes your immediate world seem both larger and smaller.  Perspectives change, along with priorities.  The geopolitical foibles of a bunch of greedy, pompous, stuffed shirts seems far less important than trimming the mainsheet just so, installing a piece of hardware in a way that’s both esthetically and functionally pleasing, or flying lightly upon the water and realizing that you don’t really know where your arm ends and the tiller begins.

The folly and waste of huge corporate factory farms spewing out the genetically “enhanced” foodstuffs that are processed into average supermarket fare seems remote when a bag of nuts, some dates, and fresh fruit sustain you so well.  Pizza and beer while watching ESPN have nothing on coconut water and a pineapple slice while reaching in a 20 knot breeze, watching as rainbows form in the spray off the bows.

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and the media feeding frenzy about all the wrong details of the disaster, all show how little the water is still cared for by man.  Or, at least by the governments of man.  Yes, our society needs oil.  Done properly, offshore drilling is among the safest ways to obtain it.  But the greed that got in the way of common sense, and the ignorance that allowed it, shows that while man is, as an individual, an incredibly elegant and intelligent animal, men, as a group, tend to regress into idiocy.

On the water, we are away from the mob mentality that humankind seems to so apathetically ignore, even while knowing we are likely dooming ourselves by doing so.  But we are not on the water simply to escape… we wish to bring back some Clarity, and share it with those who desire the knowledge we hope to obtain.

The Everglades Challenge is not, by any means, our final goal.  It’s a marker on the course we are traveling… one of the markers close enough for us to see.  Clarity awaits us, not at the end of our journey, but along the way.  Clarity awaits everyone on their journey through life… it’s simply a matter of being able to remove the blinders society provides us, so that it can be found.

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