The next 9 days

This weekend, we are taking a much needed mini-vacation with some friends, after which, we’ll be primed and ready to go forth on the work that Clarity needs.  I’ve posted much about what we are thinking of doing, and now it’s time to get crankin’!  Although the first item will be to build a kayak/ama rack in the backyard (thus gaining room in the garage and having a place to park the amas during disassembly), the work should start progressing, pictures should be taken, and Clarity should begin to take her form as an ideal adventure sailboat for the Everglades Challenge, along with just plain daysailing, and some camp-cruising, too.   By the end of next weekend, weather permitting, she should be disassembled, the akas should be figured out, and the deck/interior modifications should be designed, with a bill of materials prepared.  I’m really looking forward to getting deep into the job, and sharing it with others.

One thing that is important to me will be to share sailing with Justin in the same way my dad and I shared it.  Not just sailing skills, but the outlook that comes from handling a small sailboat in whatever conditions nature provides.

Beats the heck out of video games and cable TV!

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