New banner picture

Thanks to Ron Hoddinott of the West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron, who took some great pictures of Clarity sailing on Lake Tarpon, I was able to crop our favorite and use it above!

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2 Responses to New banner picture

  1. Jim Connell says:

    Mike, glad to see that you plan to use the Sailbird for the Everglades Challenge. I have restored a Sailbird that I had intended to use for the EC. I’ve done three EC’s now and still not used the Sailbird. I restored mine to about 99% original condition. If you have any questions on the boat or putting it together I’d be glad to help out. I’m located just south of Jacksonville. There are a few pics of my boat on the sailbird forum under Sundance (my Watertribe name).
    Good luck with the boat.

  2. Mike says:

    Jim, thanks for the kind words! I remember admiring the picture of your new sails on the Sailbird forum… they were part of the reason I decided to cut down the fully battened Trac-16 main and try it out. Do you have any trouble with water leaking into the amas? I’m getting some, and I’m not sure if it’s from the holes for the aka u-bolts, or from the hull to deck seam.

    Or, with my luck… both of them!

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