Clarity’s heart and sole…

I’ve decided that I’m going to make the cockpit sole a removeable affair, either using some of the plywood from the new deck, or using traditional slatted floorboards (prebuilt as a removeable grid).  I’ll epoxy a couple of 4″ PVC risers onto the hull, with limber holes, to act as sumps for bilge water collection and removal.  Dry bags can be stored under the floorboards.  The main reason for this is not to be able to convert the deck for sleeping (although I hope that will be an added benefit), but to have access to the hull to check for damage, pump and clean easily, and leave the both more easily modified later, in case a better solution makes itself known.

It’s been a rainy weekend, so not much actual work was done, but the planning continues, along with the development of Clarity Sailing Adventures as, get this:  AN ACTUAL BUSINESS!  Yep- all those years working in chandleries, charter companies (OK, one charter company!) and just being around boats, plus having a wife that both believes in me and is willing to kick my butt into gear, has helped me decide it’s time to open our own business.  It’ll be a small, online deal, and I’ll start out by selling cordage, and with luck, we’ll expand into other boating stuff, and possibly even some lifestyle and nutritional items.  This isn’t being done to replace my job, but rather to offer people doing similar things to what we do fair prices on the products we’ll be using ourselves.   After all, this IS getting to the heart of Clarity Sailing Adventures… a healthy lifestyle and outlook on life, conveniently both centered and supplemented by being on the water having fun.  Details will be forthcoming!

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