Clarity: Sailing Adventure on Lake Tarpon

Wow!  After the hectic work of getting the main ready, dodging bad weather, fixing the trailer, and all the other little curves life gave us, we got the boat in the water!  We launched a little after 9:00 AM on Saturday, joining the WCTSS (West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron) for a sail and luncheon at the Tarpon Turtle restaurant.

Ron Hoddinott, the founder of the WCTSS took some GREAT pictures of the new main, showing the square top, the reinforcement details, battens, and serious lack of downhaul tension!

This would be yours truly, attempting to secure the downhaul after noting that the tack of the sail was lower than the cleat I was going to attach the line to!  I took a bend around the mast pivot bolt, and ran it up to the cleat, but I didn’t want to cinch it too tightly, as the line was resting on the threaded portion (of course) of the bolt. 

This picture shows the sail to great advantage… you can see all the details really well.  The sail looks like I was hoping it would, and performs better than I expected.  We did decide, however, that the boom is too low, so we are going to splice in an 18″ mast extension, which will give us about a foot more headroom when tacking.  We will also be adding a short pennant to the jib (or a roller furler) which will get it off the deck a bit, in case of a big sweeping wave.  The other thing this picture shows is that the boat is a bit low in buoyancy in the stern, so care must be taken to keep heavy gear up front.  That, and the skipper needs to knock off about 50 pounds of weight!

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