Missed a few days…

It’s been pretty busy around the house this past week, so I’ve been a bit remiss in posting. (Plus, I’ve been reading “Without A Paddle!!)  I cleaned and sorted a bunch of stuff in the garage last night, so tonight will be devoted to stitching the bolt rope to the tack and clew on the mainsail (hopefully not stitching my hand to either corner in the process).  If the rain holds off, I’ll also try out the new power planer, thinning out the batten material, leaving a bit of taper at the lead ends so as to assist in a nice set to the sail.  Or I’ll just be making toothpicks outta logs.  I’ll try to take some pics.  Tomorrow night I’ll be re-lighting the trailer, changing a tire, and getting ready for the WCTSS event on Lake Tarpon this Saturday!!

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