Without A Paddle booksigning!

“I hope you don’t mind, but I always sign books with ‘Paddle or Die’,” Warren Richey said to me as he signed our copy of his book ‘Without A Paddle’.  “Is there any other way?” I responded, thinking that I was in for an interesting evening indeed.

I was most correct in that assumption…

When I first saw Warren, I thought he looked like an average enough sort of man.   He could have either been the guy I came to see, or an employee at the bookstore where the signing was hosted.  Then, as the night progressed, I caught the casual yet alert stance, more like a martial artist than a stance of military bearing, and I caught the look in his eyes.  Not the 1000 yard stare of a combat seasoned individual, but the 1000 league stare of one who’s communed with the sea.  And, oddly enough, there might have even been a touch of Flynn Carsen, or even Indiana Jones, in there somewhere, hiding behind the mild-mannered journalist talking with us.

Warren began by talking a little bit about the Ultimate Florida Challenge, and then read a few excerpts from the book.  Two thinks came to my mind right away…. one, I like this guy, and two… he writes more like me than I do.  Or so I would like to think!

By the end of the evening, he had done one thing for me above all else:  he humanized the Challenge.  By that I mean, well, here’s this guy, a basically normal human being, who did this incredible feat.  And if he could do it, so can I.  But, and this is important, he didn’t diminish the Challenge at all; rather, he inspired in me the feeling that I too can reach inside me and find what I need from within.  So when I say humanize, I mean it as a huge compliment.

Read the book – it’ll inspire you to do all sorts of things from washing the dishes to paddling all over the place.  Paddle Or Die…… he’s got that exactly right!

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