Happy Independence Day

As we all gather for the 4th of July fireworks, picnics, and general revelries, it’s easy to forget what the day is truly about.  With all the sales at the Big Box stores, hoopla at the restaurants and lounges, and fireworks stands all over, many seem to have lost sight of what it really means.  A bunch of people just like you and me came to the realization that they were never going to get a fair deal from Great Britain, so, after years of discourse, planning, writing, meeting, and soul searching, they declared Independence from the Crown.  A bitter, bloody war was fought (followed by another) and we became separate from England and her King.

Many, including myself, have wondered what the founding fathers would think of the United States and her government today.  My bet is that they would be stunned by the careerism of politicians, flabbergasted at the varied interpretations of our Constitution and it’s meaning, and appalled by the apathy that affects so much of the voting populace.

But you know what?  I also bet that, almost to a man, the most surprising thing of all would be that their Great Experiment, formed in the tea houses, pubs, and tabloid papers of Colonial New England, still exists.

Have a happy 4th, and be thankful that those funny guys in wigs and tights got us to where we are today.  We are not a perfect nation, but I think we are the best nation.  If we care for it, it will indeed care for us.

Mike Barnett

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