Jib sheet leads

Now that I’ve decided to replace the aka tubes with 2.50″ SCH 40 aluminum, which has a nice, thick, fastener-friendly cross section, I have no issues with drilling into them and attaching hardware.  So for my jib sheet leads, I’m going to install an eyestrap on each fore and aft tube, laid down on a line at a 10º to 12º angle from the centerline, measured from the stemhead fitting.  I’ll run a piece of 1/4 inch line, with figure 8 stopknots every 6″, from the fore to aft eyestrap.  There will be a second 1/4″ line strung thru the stopknots (but not knotted, in order to keep full line strength) and I’ll be using jib lead blocks from an old Hobie 16, with added small snap shackles, which will attach to the lead lines.  We can adjust the jib lead angle by moving the blocks fore and aft, and the side decks will remain clear of posterior-denting nautical bits.

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