Trampoline Thoughts

Now that I’ve decided to replace the crosstubes, I’m (not) looking forward to seeing what will happen with the trampolines.  The boat still has her original vinyl tramps, but over the years they have shrunk a bit, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to get them back on if they are removed!  They are close to due to be replaced, but they would hold another year or two if treated well.  Ah, well…. the big question then will be, if I have to make new ones, do I go solid (great in cold weather) or mesh (great in hot)? I’m not worried about air getting caught under them and causing/aiding a capsize, as their square footage isn’t that big, and I’d sure like to keep the wrap-around-the-crosstube style of the originals.

Looks like I’ll likely be sewing more than just the mainsail and hull roller sleeves!

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