Ahh, sponsorships….. what do I think of sponsorships?

I think they are fine…  after all, Columbus, Lewis and Clark, Marco Polo, and many other intrepid explorers were sponsored by Governments and Industry.  Granted, we will be exploring 300 odd miles of shoreline that has actually been seen before (though a lot of it LOOKS like unexplored frontier-type territory!), and as expeditions can be costly, sponsorships, discounts on items, donations, and even loans of equipment for the duration of the race will be entertained.  Some of the items would be the expensive ones, like a SPOT or the below mentioned DeLorme, drysuits, a genoa, a spinnaker or genniker, an EPIRB, etc.  Even wampum, as we have a rather impressive entry fee to field.  We’ll be there with or without any sponsorship, we just won’t know how well equipped we’ll be (we WILL have all the required safety equipment).  And a note to you manufacturers out there…..  what a great test of your equipment this would be (HINT HINT HINT)!

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