The Everglades Challenge!

Just what IS the Everglades Challenge, you ask?  Well, let me tell ya:  it’s a challenge, And it’s in the Everglades!

From the Watertribe website : The Everglades Challenge is an unsupported, expedition style adventure race for kayaks, canoes, and small boats. The distance is roughly 300 nautical miles depending on your course selection. There is a time limit of 8 days or less. Your safety and well being are completely up to you. 

Unsupported means that there are no safety boats or support crews to help you during the race. You are not allowed to have a support crew follow you or meet you during the race. It is OK to have family or friends meet you at the official checkpoints, but they cannot provide anything other than emotional support. See the official WaterTribe rules for more details.

Expedition style means that you must carry the same type of equipment and supplies that you would carry on a major expedition lasting 4 weeks or more.  Camping equipment, food, water, safety, communication, etc. is required.

You can find all sorts of images and videos online simply be searching “watertribe” or “Everglades Challenge”.  However, the best thing you can do is simply pull up google earth or bing and map the route from Ft. Desoto Beach to Key Largo.  Umm… that would be by WATER, folks.  Pay close attention to the 10,000 Islands area, Chokoloskee, and Flamingo… all areas we will be sailing through.  It’s gonna be GREAT!!

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